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 01 October - 08 October 2023

“Every great movement of God can be traced to a kneeling figure.” D.L. Moody

As a church we recognise the power and importance of prayer. Therefore we have committed to 7 days of prayer from 01 October to 08 October.


We have produced a prayer guide below and hope that this resource will really equip and encourage you as we seek to pray together as a church. 

The power of prayer is not reliant on the quality of our words or the length of our prayers but on the faithfulness of our God who hears us. Prayer changes things and prayer changes us! As we choose to spend time with God, our lives will be transformed – often invisibly, sometimes slowly – but time with the Father is never wasted.

Whether you pray loudly or quietly, inside or outside, sitting or standing or walking or running or cycling – it’s exciting to think that we, as a church, will be praying for the same things together.


There’s great power in being united in prayer!

Praying With Others

We would like to encourage you to meet with others, or in your life group, to prayer together and use the daily prayer guide to focus your prayers. As such, the Lindfield room will be available to pray in from 8am-8pm weekdays. You can sign up for a slot here.


We also have the following corporate prayer times during the prayer week;

Sunday 01 October, 7pm - The King's Centre

Wednesday 04 October, 8pm - Haywards Heath URC

 If you would like to share any pictures, words, scriptures, songs or anything else with others, we have a Facebook group you can join and post these in.

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