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Hope Into Action Mid Sussex is a local Christian charity enabling

churches to house the homeless

Hope into Action trains and enables churches to engage with, and mentor those living in Hope Into Action houses, whilst providing the necessary professional support. The church provides a Friendship & Support Group, offering mentoring and friendship, as well as practical help to the tenants.


Since 2017 The King's Church have been partnering with Hope Into Action to support three local houses for vulnerable people, and have had the joy of seeing lives transformed. 

How to get involved 

There are three roles to serve within the Friendship & Support Group:


  • Befriending the tenants: Meeting a tenant each week to mentor them, support them and – most importantly – listen to them

  • Praying for the tenants: Join with a group of people from The King's Church who regularly pray and regularly see amazing answers!​

Hope into Action
  • Maintaining the houses: Be on hand for fixing things that break, or to help redecorate when necessary.

To find out more

To find out more about Hope into Action Mid-Sussex, or to volunteer in any of these roles to support tenants in these houses, please email us:

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