Our History

In 1973 a small group of people began meeting in the home of a couple called Nigel and Janita Ring in Scaynes Hill, outside Haywards Heath. A young pastor called Terry Virgo visited this small group on a regular basis to teach and encourage them. In 1977 this growing group planted a new church in Haywards Heath meeting in a hired facility, known then as Mid Sussex Christian Fellowship. This became New Covenant Church, Haywards Heath and later, The King's Church, Haywards Heath. In 1985 a group from this church were sent to plant a new church in a neighbouring town - Burgess Hill Community Church began. A building was purchased in Haywards Heath in 1997 and Elizabeth House became an office base and a mid-week meeting venue for New Covenant Church, Haywards Heath.

A new season began as God led The King's Church, Haywards Heath and Burgess Hill Community Church to join together once more to form The King's Church Mid-Sussex in 2005. A church to serve the Mid-Sussex region. A warehouse was purchased in Burgess Hill to become a centre for the church, for all Sunday and Mid-week activities as well as a hub for the local community in 2010.

The King's Centre was opened and we had our first Sunday meetings in our new home in 2012.


We're a church that loves God and loves people and we want everyone to feel like they have come home when they come to church. Whoever you are and whatever your story, you are welcome at The King’s Church.

We have been meeting in Mid-Sussex for about 40 years and are incredibly grateful to be part of a global family of churches called Newfrontiers that has grown to have over 1500 churches in 70 different nations. We're part of New Ground, a group of Newfrontiers churches in Northen Europe, led by Dave Holden.

The King's Church Mid-Sussex is led by a team of pastors.

Our Beliefs

We believe God is Trinity, one God and three persons - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe God is the creator of the whole universe but, even before He made the world, He was eternally Father, living in perfect harmony with the Son and the Holy Spirit. We believe Jesus, as God’s eternal Son, has always existed. He became a man, conceived by the Holy Spirit and was born of the virgin Mary. He was, and still is, 100% man and God.

He died in our place on the Cross, taking our sins on Himself. We are made right with God through His death. On Easter Day He conquered death in literal bodily resurrection. We are rescued and brought into relationship with God through His death and resurrection. We believe the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity. Forty days after Jesus rose again from the dead He ascended to Heaven and, shortly after, the Holy Spirit was poured out on the Church. The Holy Spirit is a person not an “it”, a vague force or an influence. He brings us into relationship with Jesus, lives inside of us and empowers us to live our Christian lives. We believe all 66 books of the Bible (the Old and New Testaments) are God’s inspired word and without error. Together they are our final authority for life as followers of Jesus. The Church is God’s vehicle, His blueprint, to bring hope to a broken world. Through the good news of Jesus local church communities become visible expressions of the life and light of Jesus. The Church is bigger than any one local expression. It is made up of all Christians throughout history and across the world.

Our salvation (rescue) is entirely of God. We bring nothing to “the table” except our sin and rebellion. Through faith and trust in Jesus we become God’s children, adopted into His family. We are created in the image of God but, because of our rebellion against God, we brought both physical and spiritual death into the world. We stand judged, condemned and in need of a rescuer. Jesus will one day return to planet Earth. He will establish His new creation and death, sickness and suffering will be abolished forever!

Our Team

Jim Partridge
Senior Pastor
Tim Goodenough
Executive Pastor
Steve Cornford
Associate Pastor
Kieran Dunne
Associate Pastor
Angie Bee
Children & Family Team Leader
Dan Lank
Worship and Technical Team Leader
Harry Lunt
Youth Team Leader
Caroline Levey
Penny McAdams
Charlie Olive
Paul Wright
Finance Director
Ashley Bence
King's Centre Manager