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Life Groups offer a great opportunity for meeting new people, praying together, growing in faith and connecting with other members of the church. We believe they’re an important part of being a church member so if you’re not already in a group, we really encourage you to consider joining one.  


Most people begin by looking for something they’d like to be part of.  However, people get most out of their group when they recognise it’s more than nice - it’s necessary.  As Christians we need each other’s encouragement and challenge.  Our community relationships are the way we know and grow in the truths of our shared faith.


If you’re new to Christianity we recommend Alpha - it’s a great way to explore the basics of Christianity. If you're new to King's, we have a Joining The Church course which can help you find out all about us.


Whether you’re looking forward to joining a Life Group for the first time or grateful to be continuing with one that already matters to you, you'll find details here of the range of groups currently available. We hope you find this a great place to encourage and be encouraged as part of Group Life at King's.

Sign Up

You can sign up to our groups in the following ways:

  • Scroll through the options below and click the 'sign up' option

  • Call us on 01444 244215 with the group name

  • Email us at with the group name

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