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Ukraine Crisis - What Can We Do?

Last week I was on a zoom call with about forty pastors, including one from Ukraine. His story of what happened when war broke out in his neighbourhood was incredibly moving and sobering.

He and his family fled the country and it was utterly inspiring to hear how he and a team of others sought to respond quickly; helping people leave bombarded cities, sending aid back into the same cities and – remarkably – considering how to plant churches as a result of the scattering of the churches that he cares for.

On Easter Sunday we are taking up a special one-off offering towards the response that this pastor and his team are coordinating in Ukraine. This is happening through the global family of churches that we are part of - Newfrontiers.

Money raised will go to support those fleeing as refugees with very practical needs such as fuel. It will also go to a centre in Poland, in a Newfrontiers church, that is welcoming refugees and helping them on the next stage of their journey. It will go to fund the truckloads of aid going back into Ukraine every single day. And, of course, it will go to long term plans to help rebuild lives whenever this terrible conflict may end. You can find out more by watching this video.

In the Bible, the apostle Paul writes to a church in Corinth asking them to support the Christians that were suffering in Jerusalem. He encouraged them by sharing the example of the church in Macedonia who “urgently pleaded with us for the privilege of sharing in this service to the Lord’s people”. (2 Corinthians 8 v 4)

Here we have New Testament churches in different locations around the world, joined together through Paul’s apostolic ministry. Through relationship, and in a time of crisis, they all contributed to serve the church in Jerusalem.

This model is what our family of Newfrontiers churches is seeking to replicate. Different churches in different nations, connected through relationships and apostolic ministry, serving together as one family to see God’s Kingdom come on earth.

The pastor from Ukraine, that I was on a zoom call with, with huge gratitude and sincerity, said that it was in moments like this where he was reminded again how precious it is, and how grateful to God he was, to be in a global family of churches that serves, encourages and supports one another.

What a privilege to also play our part in supporting brothers and sisters in Ukraine.

Written by Jim Partridge, Senior Pastor of The King's Church Mid-Sussex



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