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Next steps in financial wellbeing

‘Price Tag’ by Jessie J, ‘Money’s too tight to mention’ by Simply Red, ‘Money, Money, Money’ by Abba and even a band called UB40, which was a form used to ‘sign on’ back in the 1980’s. I am probably showing my age with the song choices, but it shows you that there are lots of songs written about the subject of money.

We sing about money in songs, but it would be true to say in our day to day lives we never mention it! Ok we might, and it is a BIG MIGHT, talk to our partners about money, but we probably never talk about it to anyone else.

It is also true to say that money, whether a lack of it or even what to spend it on, causes lots of people anxiety and worry….so although perhaps not what you would usually find as a chapter in a wellbeing book, I can see why Dave Smith included it in his. We need to have a better relationship with money for our own wellbeing.

Along with Dave Smith in the Wellbeing book, Jim Partridge preached about this last Sunday (21 February) and over 2,000 verses in the bible about money show this cannot be wrong – it is certainly a subject we should address in our lives and talk about more.

The challenge around money is that lockdown has brought different circumstances for many. Who would have believed back in early 2020, that some of the most secure jobs are now in the delivery sector? In addition, for some people, lockdown has not really brought about any change and they have switched easily to just working from home. But for lots of others, who previously would have considered themselves in secure jobs, such as those in the travel industry, particularly those in the airline industry, or anyone in the hospitality or entertainments industry, life has been very tough.

On the flip-side, for those who have remained in employment and have seen their expenses significantly reduce due to, perhaps, not having to put petrol in the car or commute via train, that some actually find themselves with more money than they have ever had and may have even been able to pay off some debts or buy new things. It has certainly been a strange 12 months.

Whether you find yourself with little money – like the Simply Red song ‘Money’s too tight to mention’ or with more money than before – like the Abba song ‘Money, Money, Money’, in both circumstances you may still need to talk to someone.

The ‘Next Steps in Financial Wellbeing’ Zoom call planned for 10th March at 8.00pm will look at demystifying the subject of money, your relationship with money and what the bible teaches about it, whether you need help because you are struggling or need wisdom to ensure you are good steward of the new-found money that you have.

The session will:

  • Signpost you to support organisations if you need help or are struggling – perhaps how to contact a debt advice centre or a local food bank.

  • Show you some tools to use if you want to start getting a better handle of the money that you do have through the use of putting a budget in place

  • Help you consider how to become a better steward of your money, if you now find yourself with more money, than before and you want to ensure that you don’t fall into the trap of materialism.

To find out more please email or call 01444 244215



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