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King’s Auto Repairs exists to help those who have an essential need for a car but, because of financial hardship, are unable to afford to buy or maintain their vehicle.

How can I get help? 

  • KARs provides free car servicing and repairs to those who have an essential need for a car but face serious financial difficulty. 

  • Referral for the service will usually be via The King’s Church (King’s Money Advice, Eldership, life group leaders) or through local Councils or organisations, although any deserving case will be considered.​

  • There are limited funds, so eligibility for receiving this ministry will be determined on an individual case-by-case basis.

Who performs the service?​

  • All work is carried out to a full professional standard and in compliance with all legal requirements by trained mechanics from Mobile Commercials Ltd, led by Pete Williamson who has over 40 years of experience in the motor trade.

  • We offer this service as part of what we see as our Christian calling to help those in genuine need whatever their faith or background.​

  • Beneficiaries will receive a schedule of work carried out and all work is guaranteed by Mobile Commercials Ltd. 

To find out more 

To find out more, or if you are in need of help, please email

Thank you to

Sussex Community Foundation 

for the grant given in 2020

to King's Auto Repairs