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The Invitation

Come, All Who Are Thirsty

Isaiah 55 v 1-3

Jenny Lank

23rd January 2022

Are you thirsty? Jesus invites you to come to him and let him lavish his love on you… Jenny continues our new teaching series

The Great Banquet

Luke 14 v 7-24

Jim Partridge

16th January 2022

Jesus told an amazing story about the Kingdom of God. It’s a banquet, and we’re all invited! How do we each receive his invitation? And what do we do about it? Jim starts our new teaching series: The Invitation.

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One off topic:
Building from Plans

Building from Plans

Tim Goodenough

9th January 2022

God has things for us to build! And he wants us to partner with him and with each other as we do it. Tim shares an exciting message for the New Year, and shows off his best Lego creations…