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The Wedding at Cana

The Wedding at Cana

Terry Virgo

30th July 2023

Jesus turning water into wine was more than just an impressive party trick! What does this story have to say to us today about obedience, marriage, and the power of Jesus?

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Summer for Everyone

Summer for Everyone

Tim Goodenough

23rd July 2023

With all generations in the room, this week Tim looks at an amazing psalm and promise from God for all of us no matter what age we are.

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Rebuild. Restore. Renew.

The Centrality of Worship

Dave Holden

16th July 2023

In the penultimate part of this Nehemiah series Dave Holden spoke about how it didn’t end with a rebuilt wall but centred on God in worship.

What's Your Story?

Harry Lunt

9th July 2023

What’s the big picture? What is God doing and where do we fit in? God’s on a mission to bring restoration to all things and all people and we get to be a part of it! Harry continues our series looking at the book of Nehemiah...

Building the People

Tim Goodenough

2nd July 2023

The walls are built, the people enjoy safety, security and freedom from crippling taxes. Building phase one is complete, building phase 2 is about to start and it's spectacular

When Things Get Personal

Steve Cornford

25th June 2023

This is another one about responding to opposition - particularly when it gets personal. Steve considered how Nehemiah not only survived personal hostility but lived generously and courageously as he continued with all he was called to.

Cost of Living Crisis in Jerusalem

Natalie Williams

18th June 2023

Nehmiah encouuntered a cost of living crisis in Jerusalem, much like today in our nation - he decided to be part of the answer. Natalie took a closer look at his response and the example it offers for our times.

Facing Opposition

Barry Lorimer

21st May 2023

In this preach, Barry looked at the opposition Nehemiah and the people of Jerusalem experienced while rebuilding the city walls to see what we might learn about our response when we face opposition today.

Everyone Involved

Jim Partridge

14th May 2023

How do you rebuild ancient city walls? It was no easy task, and you faced fierce opposition. The answer was to get everyone involved! How does this unusual chapter of Nehemiah paint a picture of Jesus’ radiant church?

Whatever Happens

Steve Cornford

7th May 2023

This one is where we find out what happened when Nehemiah took his first steps towards rebuilding Jerusalem's broken walls. Steve offers thoughts on our expectations as we begin rebuilding, restoring and renewing God's Kingdom today.

What's Your Problem?

Tim Goodenough

30th April 2023

Nehemiah's heart was broken by hearing about the problem of broken walls in Jerusalem. In this message Tim looks at lessons we learn and invites us to consider what breaks our heart and how we invite God into the situation to bring about change.

A God Given Vision

Jim Partridge

23rd April 2023

The first message in our new series from Nehemiah. Nehemiah receives a report of life back in Jerusalem and his heart is moved to weep, pray and fast. His heart was moved for the glory of God and the people of God. How do we carry a vision for the same things today, in the world and in the church?

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New Ground Sunday

Jim Partridge

11th June 2023

We love being a part of the New Ground family of churches. For New Ground Sunday, we join together with churches across nations and continents to hear stories and encouragement from around New Ground. This year, our very own Jim Partridge shares an encouraging message from 2 Corinthians 8:1-7.

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One-Off Message:
Creation Care

Becky Ingamells

4th June 2023

Becky is head of UK and International church partnerships for the Tearfund charity. At the heart of our response to poverty and creation care is relationships - Becky unpacks how God can restore what is broken and help us to make a difference on this journey with him.

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One-Off Message:
Pentecost Sunday

Kieran Dunne

28th May 2023

Pentecost Sunday is when the global church celebrates its 'Birthday'. In this talk Kieran recounts the amazing account of what happened when God visited us with his Holy Spirit, and the church was born.


One-Off Message:
Turning Doubt To Worship

William Kay

16th April 2023

Looking at the resurrection through the eyes of Thomas, we see his character and eventually his faith and worship. The love of Jesus for us is shown in the scars he still carries. He will reach out to the doubter.

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Easter at King's

Easter Sunday

Kieran Dunne

9th April 2023

On Easter Sunday we celebrate the empty tomb - the moment that all history changes. Will you let it change your history too? Kieran shares a message about the hope we can all know this Easter.

Palm Sunday

Tim Goodenough

2nd April 2023

Jesus the King enters Jerusalem, crowds cheer, but his entry into the city is not what's normally expected of royalty.....


A Life Less Ordinary

The Wise & Foolish Builders

Kevin Payne

26th March 2023

In this final part of our Life Less Ordinary series, Kevin Payne unpacks Jesus’ challenging story of the wise and foolish builders. Are we taking Jesus’ teaching seriously and building our lives on the rock? Or are we only listening to his words and not doing them - and building our lives on the sand?

False Prophets, True Disciples

Jim Partridge

19th March 2023

We draw towards the end of our series from The Sermon on the Mount. Jesus wants us to respond to all that he has been saying. And he warns us about false teachers and says "be careful!" He then calls us to fully live lives of obedience to the Father in heaven.

The Narrow & Wide Gates

Kieran Dunne

12th March 2023

The end. Jesus has finished his famous 'Sermon on the Mount'. Now he asks us to act on what we have heard. Which way do we go and which path do we take?

Ask, Seek, Knock

Tim Goodenough

5th March 2023

Jesus invites us talk to God, to ask, seek and knock. But for what? And how can he promise a 100% success rate?

Don't Judge

Dan Lank

26th February 2023

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged” are some of Jesus’ most famous, most challenging, and most misunderstood words. As we continue in our series on The Sermon on the Mount, Dan helps us see how Jesus wants us to understand them.

Do Not Worry

Lucy Marson

19th February 2023

In our latest installment of the Sermon On The Mount series Lucy shares how, despite living in an anxious and troubled world, Jesus' words can help us find true freedom from worry.

Treasures In Heaven

Jim Partridge

12th February 2023

In our latest message from the Sermon On The Mount, Jesus encourages us to live life with a long-term view. Are we making choices today that impact eternity or are we just living for the here and now?

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William Kay

5th February 2023

Fasting is less practised in the church today, but the New Testament shows how fasting was an important preparation for the ministry of Jesus and for the first missionary journey. William Kay continues our series looking at The Sermon on the Mount.

When You Pray

Steve Cornford

29th January 2023

This is the one where Jesus tells us why it matters so much to him when you pray. Steve continues our series from Jesus's Sermon on the Mount with thoughts on prayer in living a life less ordinary.

Giving To Those In Need

Janet Pack

22nd January 2023

Jesus calls his followers to join him on his mission to those in need, giving generously in unseen ways because he's first given to us. To tangibly demonstrate his love and compassion out of heart-felt devotion, not to receive glory for ourselves.

Following A Radical Messiah

Terry Virgo

15th January 2023

Following Jesus means following a Saviour who is meek and lowly. How do we do that? Terry Virgo shares the next message in our series on the Sermon On The Mount.

Truthful Speak

Barry Lorimer

27th November 2022

Jesus tells us to be truthful in everything we say - to let our 'yes' mean yes and our 'no' mean no. Barry Lorimer helps us understand how to do this.

Eyes, Hearts and Sexual Ethics

Jim Partridge

20th November 2022

Many people think the Bible's teaching on sexual ethics is limited to a list of do's and don'ts. But Jesus provokes us to think deeper than simply what is or is not allowed - to the very heart of the issue. Our hearts!

Violence & Conflict

William Kay

13th November 2022

What does Jesus have to say about violence, conflict, and how we should treat each other? William Kay continues our series from The Sermon On The Mount.

Greatest Expectations

Steve Cornford

30th October 2022

This is the one where Jesus picks up the greatest expectations of our hearts and shows us they're fulfilled in Him

Salt + Light

Kieran Dunne

23rd October 2022

How do we live as Christians in a tough world? Kieran continues our teaching series looking at Jesus' words in the Sermon on the Mount.

The Beatitudes Pt3

Jim Partridge

16th October 2022

We continue our series in The Sermon on the Mount by considering Jesus’ challenging statement ‘Blessed are the persecuted’. What might it mean to face opposition for Jesus’ sake?

The Beatitudes Pt2

Natalie Williams

9th October 2022

Jesus said ‘blessed are the merciful’, but being merciful doesn’t always come naturally… Natalie Williams helps us see what being merciful might look like today.

The Beatitudes Pt1

Jim Partridge

25th September 2022

Our new series begins. We look at four of Jesus' radical opening statements - known as The Beatitudes. Jesus tells us what true happiness looks like and it is to be found in those who mourn, who are meek, who are poor in Spirit and who hunger for righteousness. What did he mean?

The King & His Kingdom

Jim Partridge

18th September 2022

To be a Christian is to follow Jesus as King and Lord. What does that actually mean? What does life in His Kingdom look like? Jim explores these questions as he introduces a new teaching series from the Sermon on the Mount.

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One-Off Message:
Vision Sunday

Jim Partridge

8th January 2023

As we start a new year, Jim shares stories of some of the amazing things Jesus did in our church in 2022 and encourages us to continue to do all we can to Love God and Love People in 2023.

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Carols at King's:
The Visit Of The Wise Men

Kieran Dunne

18th December 2022

The wise men brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the infant Jesus. Why these gifts? Kieran unpacks their meaning and brings their relevance right into the 21st century.

Jesus Who was, and is, and is to come.png

One-Off Topic:
Jesus: Who Was, And Is, And Is To Come

Jim Partridge

4th December 2022

As we continue through this advent season, Jim reminds us why Jesus is the centre of all of human history and why advent is not just looking forward to Christmas, but looking forward to his return. The one who was and is and is to come.

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