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How To Pray | When God Is Silent

Jim teaches on the difficult topic of unanswered prayer. When we cry out to God and he doesn't do what we ask - what are we to do? Why does this happen?

Jim Partridge
31 Mins
How To Pray | Pray A Bit, Say A Bit

Kieran teaches us how to pray for each other. Kieran felt a promoting from God, while cycling and praying, to stop and talk to a couple walking down the road. As you'd expect, he carried on cycling and tried to ignore it! A mile later he turned back and went to say hello...

Kieran Dunne
27 Mins
How To Pray | Praying Together

Terry speaks about praying together, cooperate prayer, with examples from the Bible and his own life.

Terry Virgo
How To Pray | How Not To Pray

Tim continues our series, How To Pray, looking at personal prayer.

Tim Goodenough
35 Mins
How To Pray | Jesus Remember Me

Kieran begins our new teaching series, How To Pray.

Kieran Dunne
26 Mins