New Series: Be Still

I am not very good at stillness.          

A lot of the time my mind is thinking of all the things I haven’t yet done and I live with an unrealistic expectation of what I can achieve in any given day.  So, to be still, and not do anything – I find that hard.  I manage to sit still to enjoy food – though my default position is to quickly move on from a meal to the next job on the list. And I manage to sit through a good movie or episode of West Wing.

But to simply be, to pause, to reflect, to stop – I have some things to learn.

Someone once defined hurry sickness as a mixture of anxiety and continual feelings of urgency. It’s the desire to look for the shortest (or in your opinion quickest) queue in the supermarket, the need to keep shifting lanes in the traffic jam on the motorway, impatience at the family because they are taking too long to get into the car, the sense that you are always needing to be somewhere, always needing to do something. Am I hurry sick?

Our devices, our hours on zoom, our 24-hour news feeds and our constant need to stay up to date on social media only add to our sense of rush. I’ll be honest, as I have come to terms with life in lockdown, the moments where I feel least secure is when I am seeing what every other church in the world is doing in response and feel a nagging sense that I am not quite doing enough.

I must respond. I must do more.

Rather than seeing this enforced season as a time to pause and reflect, my tendency has been to react and respond – filling every moment with activity rather than asking the bigger questions: God, what do you want to say to me? Father, what do you want to do in me?

The Bible says ‘Be Still and know that I am God’ (Psalm 46 v 10)

Be still.



That’s why I am excited about a new teaching series that we are starting at The King’s Church Mid-Sussex online – it’s simply called ‘Be Still’.

Actually, it’s more than mere excitement. I need to hear these ancient words read and applied to my life today. I want to learn what it is to be still and know God, to be still and know his voice, to be still and know his peace, to be still and know his joy and his hope.

I invite you to join us at The King’s Church Mid-Sussex as we explore what it means to ‘Be Still’ in a chaotic world.  Find us on YouTube or at

9.30am | Sunday 17 May 2020

Jim Partridge

Jim is married to Dominique and they have four children. He has served as Senior Pastor at The King’s Church Mid-Sussex since 2008 and is a Sussex boy born and bred. He tries to run, loves football - an avid Liverpool FC supporter - and is a big fan of good coffee and any food with hot pepper sauce (with the exception of marzipan). He is absolutely passionate about the local church and the place it has in God’s purposes for the whole earth.