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Tim Goodenough
Executive Pastor

Tim is Executive Pastor at the King's Church.

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Meeting Jesus: On The Opposite Side

Tim talks from the book of Luke about when Jesus encounters a demon possessed man.

Tim Goodenough
39 Mins
Meeting Jesus: The Leper

Tim continues our Meeting Jesus series, looking at Jesus healing the leper. Lepers were outcast from society, instructed to cry out "unclean, unclean" to warn people away from them. At the sight of Jesus, the leper cries out to Jesus: "Lord, if you are willing you can make me clean". Tim unpacks this story and speaks of his own healing.

Tim Goodenough
27 Mins
How To Pray | How Not To Pray

Tim continues our series, How To Pray, looking at personal prayer.

Tim Goodenough
35 Mins