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Kieran Dunne
Associate Pastor

Kieran is an Associate Pastor at The King's Church.

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Meeting Jesus: Forgiven

Kieran tells the story of the weeping woman who met Jesus, washing his feet with her tears and broke perfume over them. The Pharisee, that Jesus was dining with, could not understand why Jesus would let this woman near him, because she was a 'sinful woman'. Jesus says to her "Your sins are forgiven" - Luke, Chapter 7, Verses 36-50, The Bible

Kieran Dunne
25 Mins
How To Pray | Pray A Bit, Say A Bit

Kieran teaches us how to pray for each other. Kieran felt a promoting from God, while cycling and praying, to stop and talk to a couple walking down the road. As you'd expect, he carried on cycling and tried to ignore it! A mile later he turned back and went to say hello...

Kieran Dunne
27 Mins
How To Pray | Jesus Remember Me

Kieran begins our new teaching series, How To Pray.

Kieran Dunne
26 Mins