King's Auto Repairs

If you need a car and you are struggling to cope with the cost of repair or replacement we may be able to help.

The Story of KAR from The King's Church Mid-Sussex on Vimeo.

For many people life would be almost impossible without a car. We can become reliant upon cars but when they go wrong they can cause us big headaches and large bills.

King's Auto Repairs is a ministry of The King's Church Mid-Sussex. We provide free car servicing and repairs for people who have an essential need for a car but face unexpected bills and serious financial difficulty.

King's Auto Repairs is inspired by the Christian faith and we offer this service to help those in genuine need whatever their faith or background.

If you need help with your car the best way to contact us is by email.  We aim to respond within 2 working days. 
Alternatively you can contact us via the church offices on 01444 244215

KARs is fully funded by donations and therefore all services and repairs are free at the point of use. For more information or to donate a vehicle please click here.

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